Richard Schlecht

I've been a freelance illustrator since the seventies; you may have seen my work in the National Geograhic Magazine and other publications. Other clients have included the National Park Service, the U.S. Postal Service, and many others. Long-time readers of the National Geograhic over the years will be familiar with my work with Native Americans, archaeology, history and exploration.

Fine Arts: The Italian landscape watercolors are the result of a number of periods of time living in Tuscany in the eighties, and of other visits to other parts of Italy. They may be seen at several commercial galleries, namely: the BDeemer Gallery, Louisville KY and New Editions Gallery, Lexington KY.

Fine Art Photography is a recent addition to my body of work. I see a photograph as a starting point----the raw material for future experimentation, not the finished product. I'm not after a "photograph" in the narrow sense of the word, so much as an image in which the photograph plays a part. You will see my background as a painter reflected in much of my photographic work. This new imagery is solidly within that continuum and is merely a new phase as I have delved into photography over the course of the past several years.